Because if I publish them, I might achieve them.

* Run a half marathon in under 1 hour 50

* Lose 15 lbs

* Boss my army Physical Fitness Assessment (run 1.5 miles in 10:30; 60 sit-ups in 2 mins; 50 press-ups in 2 mins)

* Have 1 fresh vegetable/fruit juice for breakfast each day (yep, guess who got a juicer for Christmas)

Graduate with a 1st

* Pass my military Mod 2 exam

* Actually complete my pole fitness course

* Publish something

* Learn to do the front crawl (properly)

* Start learning French again

* Take up Netball (I’m sure my complete lack of hand-eye coordination won’t impair me too much)

Stop caring what anybody else thinks

* Stop letting guys walk all over me (repeat: I am not a doormat)

* Give up biscuits (& continue to give up chocolate for another year)


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