Fat Blast

Tips to reduce fat:

1) Switch to skimmed milk or soya milk

2) Don’t drink calories – stick to water, green tea and herbal tea (if you have coffee/ black tea, don’t have sugar)

3) Have one treat per day and save it for the end of the day

4) Cut down on meat as much as possible (try Cauldron’s marinated tofu pieces, Cauldron’s vegetarian sausages, and Quorn as great protein-filled alternatives with less fat, or fish)

5) Never skip breakfast – have cereal/ porridge/ muesli instead of bread or cooked breakfasts

6) Cut out bread – try things like rice cakes, dutch crisp bakes, wholemeal pitta bread, tortilla wraps instead

7) Cut out chocolate completely (and if not only eat dark chocolate) – try eating nuts instead as they contain good fats and in a few days the cravings will disappear

8) Use avocado as a substitute for butter

9) Most importantly, KEEP A FOOD DIARY so you know what you’ve eaten!


5 thoughts on “Fat Blast

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